What is a Duffle Bag Used For?

Be it an overnight tour, a long vacation, a business meet or even just a daily trip to the gym, the one thing most people carry is a duffle bag. This horizontally-inclined, cylindrical bag shaped like a drum has won a place at the top of the travel luggage list. The duffle bag is clearly the favourite among entrepreneurs, sportspersons and students.

But what are the reasons for the popularity of the duffle bag? Where did it originate from? Let us take a brief look.

History of the Duffle Bag

The duffle bag owes its name to the small town Duffel of Belgium. It was in this town near Flanders that the sack-like thick cloth called “duffel cloth” originated. In olden days, sailors and seafaring men used to wrap their belongings in a sack-like bag tied with a drawstring called the sea bag or the duffle bag. This is how the journey of the duffle bag began.

in the 20th century, the duffle bag was a term used to denote a piece of luggage that was cylindrical and could be open from the top. In common parlance, it was called the drum bag. Nowadays it refers to any type of cylindrical and horizontal bag made of thick fabric with hoop handle. Today’s duffle bag has come a long way from its predecessor and is now equipped with wheels, pocket and more.

4 Ways to Use the Duffle Bag Effectively

The duffle bag is a universal favourite used for many purposes like these.

  1. Travelling

Everyone wants to travel light these days. Yet, they also want to pack a world of items needed for their trip. The only alternative that can match both these conditions is a duffle bag.

The duffle bag is the ideal bag for travel. It is lightweight yet durable, sturdy yet stylish, casual yet professional. People no longer want to use suitcases as they have space and capacity limitations and also have a problem in shutting or opening them easily. Trolleys are trendy but elders and women find it difficult to lug them around. Hard-backed luggage is always heavy to drag around even if it has wheels. This is why most people prefer the duffle bag for travelling.

The duffle bag is compact yet spacious and can hold a vast number of items. It is made of tough yet light material and is weightless in itself. It is easy to carry on the back or shoulders. It has many small pockets and compartments on the front, back and sides to accommodate your little items like toiletries, lingerie, mobile accessories, etc. The thick fabric of the duffle bag is waterproof and does not fade or run colour.  This is why the duffle bag is the right luggage to carry during travelling in all seasons. The duffle bag is the best companion for all your travel trips.

  1. Gym

Heading to the gym? Then, you must take a duffle bag with you. This is because you require a lot of gym essentials to be carried along with you like your gym gear like your dumbbells, strength rope, etc, your toiletries like deodorant, anti-chafing lotion, etc., your clothing like towels, spare t-shirt etc, and your water or juice bottle. You also need to keep your dirty linen away from your clean clothes. Dumping them all together will make them stink. This is why you need a duffle bag.

The duffle bag is perfect for your gym routine as it has multiple compartments which can keep your stuff organized separately. You can even place your dirty and clean clothes separately without the bother of creating a stench. The exterior of the duffle bag is also washable and dries quickly, helping you to keep the gym bag always clean. It is waterproof and prevents moisture from entering the bag and keep bacteria away. The duffle bag is perfect for organizing your gym essentials efficiently and is a must-have for your gym workout.

  1. Sports

Most sportspersons prefer to carry a duffle bag for their matches and tournaments. Have you seen the tennis player at Roland Garros? They always carry a duffle bag. This is because the duffle bag is ideal to carry their tennis racquets since it has a horizontal design. Many tennis accessories like extra balls, headbands, Tennis T-shirts, towels, water bottles, etc can be kept comfortably in the duffle bag. Even golf players carry a horizontal duffle bag or vertical duffle bag to keep their golf clubs. The duffle bag is the ideal travel mate for all sports.

  1. Sales

Have you seen marketing or door-to-door salesmen? They always carry a duffle bag. This is because they have innumerable items to sell and all these can be kept only in the voluminous duffle bag. Easy to carry and convenient to use, the duffle bag is the best companion for sales executives.

Duffle bags can be used for a zillion other purposes due to their ergonomic design, spacious interiors and convenience and comfort in handling. Get your duffle bag today from the best supplier in town and start using it in endless ways.