Eyeliner mistakes that you never knew you were making

Perfecting the eyeliner is the ultimate goal for all the women who wear makeup, but the most of the time we end up creating something more than just lining the eyelash. The purpose of the eyeliner is to line up the lash line, but we end up creating abstract art with the eye. The task is simple if we learn a few practical tips and know what mistakes we are making when we are putting on the eyeliner.

Some widespread and simple mistakes that we make lead us to hag-like look that could horrify the looker smoothly, and we end up asking ourselves did I put the makeup wrong?

Here we have gathered the simplest yet the most practical tips for the application of a perfect eyeliner, with the help of which you can flaunt gorgeous looks every time you encounter the eyeliner.

  1. Do not pull your skin when applying the liner

When you are about to use the eyeliner, what we feel most convenient is to pull the skin on the eyelid. What we think is that the skin would get smooth so we could easily put the liner and get a perfectly smooth line as we desire. However, what happens is that the stretched skin when comes back to its original place, so does the liner and hence a bumpy unevenness is created. So whenever you apply the eyeliner, you should treat the eye just the way it is. No stretching or pulling of the skin.

  1. Do not choose unwisely

Another reason behind the poorly put eyeliner is the fact that all of us tend to buy the eyeliner either in the gel or liquid form, while both give you the minimal time to blend the line and get set instantly. It is true that the dramatic effect that these two liners create is unmatchable still you need to choose the liner according to your expertise. If you are not good at putting the liner and your hands are shaky, it would be better to go for a pencil or marker eyeliner. It will provide you enough time to blend and conceal your mistakes.

  1. Do not apply the liner only on the lower lash line

Another mistake that the women often make while putting on the eyeliner is that they use a dark shade to line the lower lash line while ignoring the upper one. It makes the eye look entirely in a mess and gives you a very non-professional look. You often find yourself asking the question do eyelashes grow back. You could if you apply the liner and mascara correctly. Putting the eyeliner on the top lid makes you look youthful and lifts up the eye. Plus the lower lid eyeliner creates a very challenging situation that whenever you have to rub your eye due to sweat or itching, you end up looking like a hag from the ‘Adam’s family.’ So put the liner only on the lower lid.