4 Tips to Change Decor at Low Prices

Want to give a nice look to your home without breaking the bank? It is possible to transform the environment of a room without major work and costs. Here are 5 tips to change the home decor at a low price

1- Makeover the entry

It does not necessarily think, but the entrance is the “first impression” that will give your house or apartment, hence the interest of paying special attention …

For your interior provides an emotion positive right from the door, redecorate your entry according to your interests.

This part of the house offers you the opportunity to share with your visitors your world and your passions.

You can therefore display:
– souvenirs from your travels (vases, carpets or masks for example)
– photos that you like
– objects you collect
– quotes you like

Do not refrain your desires, but do yourself a favor and do not hesitate to bring a touch of humor! The bottom line is that your home brings joy and well-being to you and to others as soon as you enter it.

The decor and especially the atmosphere of your home will be transformed at little cost, since you will highlight objects or frames that you already have.

2- Mingle the old and the new

When we want to change the decor, we generally think that we must get rid of its old objects to make a clean place and replace them with newer or more modern elements.

But you do not have to throw away anything or separate yourself from things you love. Even if your furniture is out of date, it is enough to stage it differently and to associate it with some contemporary elements to give a touch of youth to your interior.

The result may not look like the pages of the decor magazines, way “total look”, but it will look like you!

A radical change of scenery, besides the fact that it costs more, can also lead to creating an impersonal decor. To avoid this, compose your new decor with what is already at home.

3- Improve the brightness

Another trick to change the decor at a low price is to bring brightness into your home.

For this, all you need is a stroke of paint in a clear shade (such as white, sand and the entire palette of beiges). ”matte silk” paint will bring in nice reflections.

You can also place mirrors in front of the windows to better reflect the light of the day: pick from the flea markets of large mirrors or, on the contrary, combine several small mirrors like frames.  You can shop home decor at the Gilded Thistle.

In a dark room, you can finally lighten your curtains by replacing them with curtains. In short, let the light in, because it enlarges and embellishes the space.

4- Add some color

Colors are a good way to energize your home and make it warmer.

A simple method to modernize your living room or kitchen is to paint a wall of color (a beautiful red, a chocolate brown). But before you start, you have to be sure to really love this color and not get tired of it …

If you hesitate, opt for colorful accessories such as cushions, curtains or frames: it is much easier to change!

A last trick to change decor at a low price is to repaint an old piece of furniture still in good condition in a bright color (a table or dresser).