Wearing jewellery on different parts of the body from ancient times has been a norm and practice. Jewellery need not always be of a very expensive to make the wearer look beautiful, it is how it’s been worn and carried by a wearer. The confidence and the idea of teaming it with the right pair of accessories gives the piece of belly chain¬†jewellery a standout in the couture.

The kinds of belly chains that you could try out

  • Star shaped accent to a belly chain
  • Gold plated belly chain
  • Pendants to a belly chain
  • Double layered belly chains in gold or silver
  • Oval turquoise beaded belly chains
  • Gold or silver belly chain
  • Rounded beaded chains
  • Three tiered belly chains
  • Peach heart belly chain
  • Boho multi layered belly chains

This is the kind of jewellery that could make any woman look sensuous and alluring with every flick of her waist. Elaborate belly and waist jewellery are worn by belly dancers to give their moves a more interesting look and helps accentuate the every beat movement where the jewellery shimmy with the music.

Otherwise too this jewellery looks great when you were bikinis, crop tops, low waist shorts or jeans. It doesn’t matter what body type you are, the belly chain just flatters any size.

To give your belly chains look more enhanced or glamorous look you could get your navel pierced or a tattoo done at the navel, side of your waist of lower back.

Celebrities have flaunted these and the rage has caught on among all the denizens to go to stores and pick up one for themselves.

The types to choose from

You could go from the boho chic to the svelte sexy belly chains. The single tiered to the multi layered chains with beads, rhinestones, pendants etc. You could buy in gold or silver with varying designs.

Belly jewellery make the women look more feminine and sexy and the accents added to them make it more intriguing part of the whole ensemble. It is like a must have for every women as they will never shy away from wearing it as it can be hidden when you want to flaunt you can.

How to choose the right belly chain

Choose the one that will suit you and they are usually found to be the waist size, it should be loosely draped on the waist. There waist necklaces which fit firmly and worn over the navel, that’s a different look. But with belly chains, straddling them a little loose and below the belly button will make it more sexy.

It should be kept in mind that if you want to flaunt your belly chain then you would have to flaunt your midsection. That is if you are comfortable in doing so. But you could wear belly chains under your clothes just for yourself of your partner.

There is such a wide variety to choose from and all made from good material which won’t degrade if worn in water etc. Belly jewellery comes in attractive price ranges which are very affordable and they have exciting offers. You could choose the the pendants that you want on your belly chains and or swap them by buying a pair so you could change your belly chain look every time.

If it is a multi layered chain then you could sport detach some layers and flaunt one or two, there are also options of converted this piece to a head chain. Hence there unlimited options to mix and match.  So be that special and effortlessly sexy woman wearing that belly chain.