Hotels stand to gain a lot with energy-efficient, LED lighting

Today, the need to conserve environment has been felt by all and this awareness is largely seen in many commercial establishments which have been taking environmental friendly measures as a part of their business vision. Being environmental friendly also helps businesses as there is a huge draw amongst customers for such businesses and products. One of the ways, in which commercial establishments, especially hotels are gaining is in the form of energy-efficient, LED lights. Visit to know more.

The business gains of LED lights in hotel industry

As per a study conducted by McKinsey & Company in 2012, it was estimated that the LED use by hotel industry is going to increase and that it will surpass 45 per cent in the years to come. It is believed that by 2020, the use of LED lights will cross 80 per cent. Hospitality industry has embraced LED lights because of its energy-saving advantages.

Not just big hotels but even small hotels can find a huge difference to the money they spend by switching to LED lights. There are many places that still use fluorescent lights not just in interiors. By saying good bye to such lights and replacing them with LED lights can help them save more than 60% electricity.

Even for signboards and exit signs LED lights can be used.  First, these lights are brighter and at the same time, do not consume too much energy. Then comes the durability factor. The LED lights can last up to 20 years. That means, there is no need to replace the bulbs at regular intervals. Imagine how much waste is generated by such bulbs. The LED lights even prevent such a hazard to the environment.

The reasons stated for the affinity towards LED lights are many. One, hotels are huge businesses and one of their main spending is in energy, for lights, air conditioners, heaters, and so on. It is believed that hotels in the US end up paying more than $7.5 billion on energy costs alone annually. With the usage of LED lights, this cost can be brought down effectively. That is the reason, hotels prefer using LED lights not just for interiors but also for exteriors.

The commercial LED lights from that are available today also are appealing in terms of design and style. Also, different types of lights are available as per the requirement such as kitchens, guest rooms, lobbies, halls and so on.  Also, LED lights also are durable which means hotels do not have to add up to their costs by having to change lights every now and then.

Also, today there is a majority of people all over the world who are living in an eco-friendly manner. This trend has also given rise to another trend referred to as eco tourists who prefer to stay in environment-friendly hotels.

Hotels should first decide on what kind of lighting they would want and accordingly then can get commercial LED lights which not only provide energy-efficiency but also great functionality, thus giving businesses lot to cheer about.