How to get free stuff on twitter

Everyone loves it when they get free products. That is irrespective of the size of the product or its value. Quite a number of companies give free products. That is part of their campaign in marketing their products. To get the attention of most people, the free samples are advertised in the social media sites. Listed below are ways of getting free products on twitter.

Freebies aggregators

It is important to visit the freebies aggregator sites. The is the major site on twitter. After visiting this site, you will find a list of free samples and other giveaways. The site has links of the twitter uses that post or share the freebies. With a list of giveaways, it is easy to find the product that you need for free. Make your search specific to avoid getting irrelevant tweets.

Twitter party

Ensure you are part of the twitter party. That is an effective means of getting info about free deals online. The twitter party normally takes place during the night. However, it can be done during the day. It involves twitter users talking about a particular brand online. Many brands have signed and host these parties to market their products. Free deals can be given during these parties.

Favorite brands

Follow your favorite brand on twitter. Twitter is among the biggest social media site. Thus, every company has its presence on twitter. Whenever the brand is interested in offering giveaways it will post them on twitter. Only its twitter followers will view the free stuff posted on its twitter handle. You will never miss free deals while following the brand.

Major retailers

Sometimes the companies producing the products are never directly involved in giving free giveaways. They can channel their offers via the retailers. That is very common especially in the supermarkets. Following the major retailers on twitter is a great idea too. They will share the giveaway offers on twitter. The first people to view the offers will get them. In fact, retailers give more free products.

Freebies marketers

The websites that market freebies on behalf of companies are present in every social media site. The work of these websites is making sure that a majority of the people view the free deals. That makes twitter and Facebook the perfect marketing sites. Follow these marketers on twitter. They would post free samples daily on their twitter handle. That makes getting the products easier.

Twitter followers

You need twitter followers interested in freebies. While they follow you, follow back. That would enable you to interact about free deals. The twitter users will follow brands that offer free products. You can visit the freebies twitter handle and follow some of their followers. Whenever they post about exceptional deals, you will be a recipient.


When advertising the giveaways on twitter, the marketers will have a hashtag. Hashtags are the trending topics on twitter. By following the hashtags, tracing free stuff is easy. The most trending hashtag for offers is the best. That is proof it captured the attention of most people.