Important specifications to consider in a powerbank test

In the world of smartphones boom, powerbanks have risen as a major necessity. Also every other android smartphone now comes up with a heavy battery owing to the extensive heavy usage of the users. Generally phones now come up with battery of around 3000-mah to 5000 mah (mili amph hours). Even some phones are manufactured with the major stress on the battery of the devices. But still the immense usage round the clock makes it important to have powerbanks with you if you are travelling or mostly remain outdoors. So here we are going to understand about the important specifications in a powerbank test.

 Specifications to be considered in a power bank test

Power banks come of varying qualities and hence it depends upon the user as to what specifications should he make the basis on and then purchase power bank. To make a right choice, it`s important to be correct about the specifications of a power bank.  Here are the specifications:

  • Capacity- capacity of the power bank perhaps is the most important criterion here. It provides important information about energy which the external battery can easily provide. The capacity of any power bank is measured in terms of milli-amp- hours(mAh). For instance, battery of Iphone 7 plus is of 2900mAh which means that the battery can supply a power of 2900 milli-amphs for 1 hour. Similarly Lenovo Yoga hand book comes with a battery of 8500mah. So, if you are purchasing a power bank for these devices, the power banks ought to be of 6000 mAh for apple phone and 16000 mah for lenono yoga book so that the battery is loaded at least twice by the powrbanks. The reason of over- dimensioning here is that while charging through power banks, there is always a current leakage which leads to loss of energy between 20- 50% . This however depends upon various models.  So a powerbank test primarily relies on it`s capacity.
  • Charging current- the charging current given in Ampere is the next most important criteria in the selection of a power bank. It means how faster or quicker, the mobile battery would provide energy.  Higher the charging current of the phone, faster it can be charged. Generally all the current terminals are designed of minimum 2 amperes of current. In fact, some of the phones and laptops specify for more. So charging current specifically plays a crucial role in deciding the type of power bank you are willing to buy.
  • Interface- the interface specification of a power tells on which devices it can be used. Basically majority of the smartphones and tablets require USB port, which provides5 volts and this can be found on any type of powerbank.  In case of iphones and Ipads, an adaptor cable is required, since apple installs it`s very own lighting conductors in its devices. Also, a power bank which is intended for a laptop ought`s, to have more interfaces.  2 in 1 laptops and even notebooks required voltage of more than 9 volts for charging and usually they have in them their own connections. So, a suitable power bank should also have an appropriate adapter with itself.