What Airsoft Pistol Should I buy

There are Different Types of Airsoft Guns. And as a beginner or whether you have been playing for quite some time, you need to have a lot of information on airsoft guns before getting yourself one.

And since the airsoft pistols look like real guns, information about the laws in your area on whether it is allowed to legally carry and use them is cautionary. They after all look, weigh and feel like the real gadgets.

There is actually no definitive list that consists of the best airsoft pistols. And the more one gets curious about finding the best one and decides to ask around, the more he or she will realize that the ratio of the questions to answers he gets is roughly 4:1.

In a nut-shell, knowing the basics about the varieties of airsoft is a key factor. And some of those Nitti gritty details involves.

  • The strength of the airsoft pistol

The much less in strength airsoft pistol can fire at approximately around 100FPS,       whereas sniper rifle that has been customized fires at much over 500FPS.

It’s called power muzzle velocity.  Feet per second is the unit used to measure muzzle velocity. Abbreviated as FPS.

  • The most powerful of the Airsoft Pistols

Having knowledge on the most powerful airsoft pistol is not very easy, this is because most determined airsoft enthusiasts customize their guns with a degree of success.

Most powerful Airsoft pistol that is legal

Every country around the world can set their specific rules and regulations concerning airsoft ownership and use.

Aspiring airsoft pistol owner can consult the airsoft owner in their local area.

  • Cost of the Airsoft pistol

This factor doesn’t limit much. It depends on an individual’s wallet. Since the pistols prices range from about ten dollars to over thousand dollars.

  • Airsoft Propulsion Methods to use

We have three key types of propulsion in the airsoft guns. Most simple being spring-loaded variety whereby the one pulling the trigger pulls then releases the spring, before every shot.

This process, in turn, fills the chamber with air that’s compressed and then gives the airsoft BB strength.

Secondly, there exist the Gas-operated Airsoft models. They operate using compressed canisters gas. Paintball guns operate the same.

Finally, we have the automatic electric guns. These are considered the most popular and most recent. They function using a battery powered electric motor, thus, driving pistol which makes the gas available in the chamber compressed.

  • How far can airsoft gun be able to shoot

The shooting distance range is the name. Research shows that the airsoft pistol in the best working order can have up to a range of 75 yards.

On the other hand, powerful gun that’s been modified can have double the same range above.

In as much as you choose the airsoft pistol to buy, keep in mind not to go for the brand name alone, or follow the seller’s description. Sellers love to exaggerate particularly on online auction websites like eBay.

Get as much knowledge as you need prior to buying airsoft pistol. And invest in the eye- face protection or other necessary safety gear, when buying your gun. And never forget to operate the pistols without them. Since in most countries using airsoft pistols in public regions is prohibited.

Finally, airsoft can be a very enjoyable sport. Just make sure you get the right equipment and have deep knowledge of what you are doing. Be keen on what you are about to buy and get to know what specifically you want. In order to maximize on a great deal alongside a better gun.


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